Passion Santa Monica

We think this Passion may have the very best location of all! Nothing can beat sea views, palm trees, the sparkling fountain and a terrace drenched in sun all day long. But if dining in the sun is not your thing and you prefer to take refuge inside, don’t worry – our bright interiors do not rob you of the beautiful natural daylight. Simply relax on our new shiny benches and take your time chewing that kale.  

One of the things that makes this Passion slightly different to her sisters is that Passion Santa Eularia offers the largest selection of vegan and vegetarian menu options of the lot. We have over 60 vegan options alone between lunch and dinner, in addition to numerous vegetarian options. As with all Passions, chicken and fish dishes are also on offer and since you can’t get enough of our fish fingers and mash, this year we’ve put the fish fingers in a burger too! Our chicken bolognese is fast becoming a bestseller, as are the turkey burger bowl and Katsu schnitzel curry. 

On the vegan side, try the super healthy Live Kindly Bowl, our famous Buddha Bowl or the gorgeous Rainbow Salad. Vegetarians should not leave this Passion without sampling our mighty Black Bean Burrito with sweet potato fries or the super-fun Avocado Fries Tacos – they’re both so good! 

If there ever was a perfect Passion to enjoy your evening meal in, Passion Santa Eularia ticks all boxes. Giving you that all-important holiday feel with the sound of the sea, the lively dancing fountain, a balmy sea breeze, the buzz from the local cafes and restaurants, our lush dinner menu, some lovely crisp wines and fancy cocktails, we can set you up to extend your dinner time right through until our closing time. This is usually the case when dining with us, as the atmosphere is sooooo relaxed. And as is the Ibiza custom, it’s only polite to finish it off with a cheeky chupito of Hierbas. 


Monday to Sunday: 10h-16h


+34 971 807 323


Juan Tur 13
Edificio Punta den Mayol, Locales 1 y 2
Santa Eulalia 07840, Spain