This Passion has been called the quiet achiever of the group. We like to say it’s our ‘secret’ Passion, and many of the loyal customers frequenting it hope it stays that way.

In the past, it’s been the quietest of all our cafés, tucked away in its tranquil location in a back street which can be accessed via the alleyway behind Passion Marina – just a two-minute walk away with plenty of parking nearby. Its doors are not wide open, but always kept closed due to the cool, air-conditioned space inside.

Meanwhile inside, we are busy juicing and bottling those nail-biting, eye-watering ginger shots you just can’t get enough of, rolling our raw power balls, dehydrating yet another batch of kale chips or preparing takeaway orders for dozens of hummus baguettes for boats sailing across to Formentera.

We all know how busy Passion Marina can be, so our hard-core Passion goers – who just want to eat their salad and drink a juice in peace, or have coffee while catching up on e-mails – have found their refuge in this Passion. With an all-day breakfast (meaning avo on toast, eggs and pancakes until 5pm), cold-pressed juices and many yummy healthy and delicious goodies ready to go, this is a Passion star in the making. 


Reopening spring 2020


+34 971 934 519


Calle de Gregal 9
Opposite Hospital
Ibiza 07800, Spain