About Lana

Croatian born Lana Love moved to London in her teenage years searching for newer open horizons. ‘I love my country’ says Lana, ‘but from very early age I knew I will leave and live abroad’.

After living in London for 13 years where she was working in cafes and restaurants while studying design fashion styling at London college of fashion and then drama at amateur theatres, she landed a place in London prestigious drama school. ‘And I couldn’t afford fees!’ She decided to start a small summer business hoping that would make her enough cash during the season to fulfill her dream of attending drama school.

Starting a brand new concept in undeveloped area of Ibiza took time to be profitable. ‘I hoped opening Passion would bring me closer to my dream of studying acting but it has actually taken me away from it’. ‘I think Universe saw bigger use of me inspiring and feeding people better than me being on big screen. It is still my dream! Maybe I’ll get chance to be someone’s grandmother in a movie one day!’ She laughs.

Considering Lana survived the civil war in Croatia, unconsciously she didn’t realized that has left her with post traumatic shock syndrome which few years after the war started to cause her digestive problems. And this is where interest in nutrition and different alterative ways to cure herself was born.  ‘I started with Ayurveda, than macrobiotics, moving onto raw foods, juicing etc… My passion these days lay predominately with raw cuisine and juicing’.

It was a long journey since 2002 when she opened her first café in Playa den Bossa in Ibiza to currently six cafes.. The trend of health food is catching up only just now!

‘People say lucky me to have Passion the way it is at this time that is getting such huge interest. The only luck in this is that I have been doing it since 2002. The rest is a hell of a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and lots and lots of passion for what I do’.

What are the plans for Passion? ‘Spreading the Passion worldwide like a jam!’